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ITAT - ImPACT Trained Athletic Trainer


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Now athletic trainers can become the go-to resource in their communities for ImPACT test administration and concussion education and awareness through ImPACT's Trained Athletic Trainer (ITAT) program. The ITAT program enables athletic trainers to be recognized as leaders by serving as an ImPACT administrator to athletes, schools, youth club organizations, sports teams and doctors in their communities who are in need of this resource.

Learn more about the ITAT Program - Download the ITAT Flyer


Benefits of the ITAT Program

  • Certified ITAT participants team with Credentialed ImPACT Consultants and ImPACT's Clinical Network (currently almost 1,500 clinics total worldwide) who are looking for athletic training assistance.
  • Get advanced training provided by the ImPACT team of globally recognized experts.
  • While receiving CEU credits for completion of each ImPACT course, ITAT athletic trainers stay ahead of current concussion related education and can offer educational opportunities in their own communities.

CE: 8.25 Hours

Course NameTypeDetails 
ITAT - Start Here! elearning 
A-5 ImPACT's Raw Data and Composite Scoreselearning 
A-7 Clinical Report Interpretation: Treatment Options elearning 
B-3 Clinical Patient Managementelearning 
B-6 Concussion Clinical Trajectories (EBP)elearning 
C-8 Return to Learnelearning 
ITAT Capstoneelearning 
Total: 7
Amount: $ 349.00